Gofio La Molineta supports the academy project of the Insular Sailing Federation

The Gofio trademark signs an agreement for collaboration to support the work of La Escuelita.

The Gofio trademark “La Molineta”, a brand of La Estrella de Oro, S.L., has joined the group of companies that support the work of promoting the La Escuelita School, an educational centre dependent on the Tenerife Insular Sailing Federation (FIVT).

The agreement was signed of Saturday 3rd November, during an event that took place at the Insular Centre for Marine Sports of Tenerife (Cidemat), the installations where La Escuelita is operating.

A visit of the sports people from La Escuelita to the Gofio mill where this appreciated product is made is among the activities foreseen in this agreement, so that the young sailors can get to know the manufacturing process and appreciate the advantages of including it in their diets.

Through this agreement, La Molineta will promote infant sailing in the Optimist category, supporting the 22 sailors that currently receive training at the La Escuelita, becoming an invaluable help to the FIVT in their eagerness to promote sailing and bring this sport closer to the younger ones”, explains Caro Machado.


Source: FIVT

More information on: http://tenerifevela.com/www.tenerifevela.com/

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